Jamie, meet Fleapie! Fleapie, meet Jamie! Fun fact: the character of Fleapie is actually Mario Gonzalez of Wyliman! He purchased the Mayor of Hobotown denomination when I was doing the fundraiser to print the Freewheel: Volume One books and as a result, he got his face in the comic AND he got to name himself! He picked the name Fleapie, which you see in today’s update!

Okay, so over the last weekend I was in Charlotte, NC at Heroes Con so I suppose I should give you the full con report, eh? Well okay then!

It took us two days to get down there from Brooklyn, and I was traveling with my buddies Sally Bloodbath, Matt Wiegle and Gabby “Ken Dahl” Schulz. We started last Wednesday and made a pit stop to stay overnight at Matt’s parents’ house in Virginia, which was exactly halfway to Charlotte. Otherwise, It would’ve been like a 12 hour trip, which would have been hard!

The next day we got in the car and kept moving on to Charlotte, where we picked up a bunch of food to grill and checked in at our campsite at the McDowell Nature Preserve, as we all decided to go camping there instead of staying in an expensive hotel. We set up the tent, munched our munchables, and went to bed.

On Friday began HEROES CON! Most of the weekend seemed kind of slow, but in the end I managed to surpass my financial benchmark of “okay show” to “good show!” so that was pretty awesome. There were a lot of awesome people in costumes, and lots of really cute kids in costumes! Everyone was super nice and I generally had a great time!

Heroes Con was my first convention using my new Hobo Name Generator, which is basically a d20 that I ask people to roll twice and compare their numbers to a secret list I have at the table (I’ll have it at most conventions in the future if you’re dying to test it out!) and then I write the name down on a name badge (which is pre-printed with my url at the bottom) and handed it to them!

I managed to take a lot of photos of people with the hobo name badges, though I didn’t get any pictures during really busy periods and I also didn’t take any pictures of kids with the badges (because you never know where photos on the internet will end up and I didn’t want to take any risks.)

Here are some of my favorites from the Heroes Con 2010 Hobo Name Flickr Set:

Alec Longstreth as Fancy Tom
Evan Dahm as Wheezy Pete
Ryan Dunlavey as Mudpie Anders

For more Hobo Names check out the full Flickr set!

The whole Hobo Name Generator thing turned out to be so popular, I ran out of name tags before Saturday was even over! I couldn’t find more nametags before the con opened on Sunday but I still let people roll and told them their name even though I couldn’t give them a cool badge. Next time I am bringing twice as many badges! Thanks to everybody who came by the table and got a badge, especially if I took your picture!

Heroes Con weekend also marked the final, last-ever Punchbuggy Tour show, which we did during the day at the convention on Saturday. It’s only been a few days and already I miss playing my ukulele while reading comics aloud!

On Friday and Saturday night we all went out to eat dinner and even got to go to my favorite Dairy Queen (though sadly I didn’t take any pictures of that). On Sunday night we all went to the official afterparty at the Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find comic shop (which puts together the convention). Here is a cute picture of MK Reed and Sally Bloodbath avoiding the torrential downpour in an adorable fashion:

Even though it was raining we decided to take out the weekend by roasting marshmallows at the campsite, which we went to do as soon as it stopped raining. Here’s Gabby and Sally roasting ‘mallows as Matt supervises:

After we had our fill of graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows we all hit the hay and got up early the next day to make the long, long trip home, this time all in one shot. Before we left though, I made a little video of what the campsite looked like for those of you who may be considering this very same money-saving tactic at a convention in the future:

All in all, it was a great weekend! Thanks to Dustin Harbin for setting it up and inviting us down! I would actually TOTALLY go camping for Heroes Con next year if I get the chance. It was super fun and not all that uncomfortable – the showers at the campsite were really nice too, so even that wasn’t a problem!

I am still accepting donations to help cover the cost of the new computer I had to buy to replace the one that was smashed irreparably. All donations receive a free desktop wallpaper AND for every $100 I raise, I’ll post a page of a new 13-page Freewheel side story I’ve been working on. It’s called The Raids of ‘65 and covers all kinds of stuff hinted at in the main Freewheel storyline. Check on the progress of the donations at the Fables of Freewheel page. Currently we have only $55 left to raise before the first page is posted! All donations are very much appreciated – give what you wish!

I’m planning on doing a series of these short stories and eventually either making minicomics out of them or collecting them into a book of their own, so even if you don’t donate, they will eventually see the light of day, but not for a very, very long time.

Chart the progress on the brand new Fables of Freewheel page!

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